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IDEAL Introduces Value-Priced Compression Tool for Coax Cable


Captive linear stroke provides consistent compression results and easy operation

SYCAMORE, IL, September 10, 2012 – IDEAL has expanded its industry-leading line of coaxial cable termination products with the new Linear X1 and Linear X3 compression hand tools, bringing added value to contractors installing CATV, CCTV and other audio/video systems.

"Linear X incorporates several of the outstanding qualities of our award-winning OmniSeal™ Pro Series of compression tools into a smaller, simpler, value priced design," said Jeff Meader, Business Unit Manager for IDEAL DataComm Tools & Supplies. "These are perfect for installers that are migrating from traditional crimping tools or those who only occasionally work with coaxial cable terminations."

Quality made in the USA, the Linear X1 and Linear X3 are manufactured using all metal components, resulting in a longer service life because there are no plastic pieces to wear out or crack. The zinc-coated, die-cast body and embossed logo are qualities typically found only on tools costing several times that of the Linear X. The handle has a double dipped textured cushion grip for comfort and all-day use, plus has a shorter spread distance in the open position for a comfortable compression cycle for all users. One handed operation is possible with all compatible connectors. A hinged hasp keeps the tool in a compact closed position when not in use.

Linear X1: Specially Designed for F Connectors
The Linear X1 is a fixed model designed solely for F connectors. It is factory calibrated and set to compress industry standard 21mm F compression connectors, including the entire family of IDEAL F connectors for RG6/RG6 Quad/RG59. No adjustments to the tool are needed. The Linear X1 is the right answer for installers who work primarily with F connectors and who want a consistent stoke length and compression cycle without the worry that the tool is set incorrectly.

Linear X3: Adjustable for More Flexible Usage
The Linear X3 features an adjustable post that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sizes and types of F/BNC/RCA compression connectors. No separate or loose adapters are required for BNC or RCA connectors, eliminating the frustration of lost adapters. The Linear X3 is perfect for CCTV, Audio/Video, and CATV/SATV installers who work with multiple types of coax connectors but who want an economical all-in-one product as an alternative to traditional crimping tools. The Linear X3 is compatible with all IDEAL F/BNC/RCA compression connectors for RG6/RG6 Quad/RG59.

As an added bonus, both the Linear X1 (part #33-631) and the Linear X3 (part #33-632) include four IDEAL RTQ™ G-6 WeatherProof™ F compression connectors free with purchase.


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