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The IDEAL Light Meter 61-686 can measure LED light!

CANADA, May 25, 2012 – The 61-686 light meter has always had the capability to measure all visible light sources, and regardless of colour, and without any special setup, as the sensor is designed to measure illuminance -- so, it's seeing the visible light similar as our eyes do.

With the continued push for energy conservation, LED lighting is being installed on a more frequent basis as its cost premium continues drop while providing lower energy consumption and maintenance over other lighting options.

For further information on the IDEAL Light Meter, contact a distributor near you, or contact IDEAL INDUSTRIES (CANADA), CORP. ,33 Fuller Road, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 2E1,

Tel.: 1-800-267-7551 (for Quebec or Atlantic inquiries), or 1-800-824-3325 (for Ontario or Western Canadian inquiries); www.idealindustries.ca

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