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LT 8000 Series Software

This page contains download instructions for obtaining the latest release of LT8000 Firmware.

Current Release Information:

LT 8000 Series Firmware Version:   2.600
Release Date:   08/23/2005

This is the latest firmware release for the IDEAL LT 8000, LT 8100, LT 8155, and LT8600 LAN Cable Testers.

Procedure to determine if your LT 8000 - LT 8155 instrument can be field updated to the most recent software release (All LT 8600's can be updated without concern)

Please read the directions below carefully as upgrading to the latest software requires that your unit meet certain hardware and software requirements before proceeding. If you have any questions or if your unit does not meet the requirements below please contact technical support for assistance.

Check the firmware version installed on your tester now. Look at the bottom of the display handset while turning the power on, a message will briefly display the version number.

    A. If the version is 1.090 or greater you may proceed with the upgrade using the file listed below.

    B. If the Version is 1.082 or lower, please contact technical support. You unit may need to be returned to a service center to have the update performed.

If your instrument meets the 'A' criteria above, you can download and install the following software upgrade.

If your instrument does not meet the above criteria or for access to earlier versions of firmware or software please contact technical support.

Click below and a self-extracting file containing the latest firmware for the LT 8000 series will be downloaded to your PC.

(File Size: 2.217 MB)