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DataComm Certifier Recalibration

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. recommends two types of recalibration. A schedule of both field and factory recalibration should be followed to ensure the highest level of testing for your LAN Cable Certifier.

Field recalibration should be done at a minimum of once a week or whenever test patchcords have been changed. A detailed description of this procedure is outlined in the LANTEK® 6/7 User Manual.

Factory recalibration is recommended once a year. The Certifier needs to be returned to IDEAL's repair facility and an RMA (Return Material Authorization) must be obtained prior to the return. The RMA can be obtained through IDEAL 's Customer Service at 800-854-2708.

Field Calibration Instructions

1. Press F3 or highlight the Field Calibration icon, press Enter
2. Connect Remote Patchcord between the two units, press F1
3. Disconnect Remote Patchcord, connect Display Patchcord between units, press F1
4. Disconnect Display Patchcord from Remote Handset, Connect Remote Patchcord to Remote Handset, press F1 on Display Handset, press Autotest on Remote Handset,
5. Calibration Complete, press Escape,
6. Tester is now setup for CAT 6-250 UTP Perm Test Standard, to be saved in Internal Memory, the current job selected is IDEAL INDUSTRIES INC.