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Certifier Basics

About LAN Cable Certifiers

There are many factors driving the need for higher performance cabling systems including:
  • Increasing network speeds (10/100 to Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Internet access
  • Convergence of voice/video/data on single networks

As a result of these drivers, the LAN has become a utility. The LAN is as important as water and/or power. End users cannot work efficiently with slow or non-access to their network resources just as they cannot work without power.

New buildings are being installed with increasingly higher performance cabling solutions to ensure network capacity well into the future. At the same time, network administrators are evaluating their current physical cable plants to make sure that it can support today and tomorrow's applications. In many cases, existing cabling infrastructure is being retrofitted to higher performing solutions.

To support these demanding business applications, cabling contractors and installers need testing tools to improve network performance and productivity. The IDEAL suite of LAN cable certifiers provides the contractor or installer a product for every testing need.

LANTEK® 6 & 7G Cable Certifiers and Accessories

The latest generation of cable certifiers from IDEAL. LANTEK 7G is the first certifier in the market capable of certifying installations up to 1 GHz, exceeding ISO F / CAT 7 draft specifications. LANTEK 6 certifies installations up to 350 MHz, exceeding CAT 6 / ISO E draft specifications. FIBERTEK and TRACETEKÔ fiber options are the most advanced in the industry. FIBERTEK enables loss, length, delay, bi-directional, and dual wavelength testing over Multimode and Singlemode fiber. TRACETEK traces a fiber run locating events, such as bad splices, and reports the magnitude of the events.

LT 8000 Series Cable Certifiers and Accessories

A family of three LAN cable certifiers (LT8600, LT8155, LT8100) and accessories designed for contractors or installers looking for lower price certifiers with full capabilities. The LT8600 is the lowest price, fully CAT 6 compliant certifier on the market. The LT8155 and LT8100 are the lowest price, fully CAT 5e compliant certifiers on the market. Accessories include the FIBERKIT+ that enables loss testing over Multimode and SInglemode fiber.

VFF5 Visual Fault Finder for Fiber

VFF5 is the perfect tester to check fiber continuity. By simply connecting the fiber under test to the VFF5, the installer can locate breaks or faults along the fiber.