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Progressive-Reciprocating Blades

Progressive-Reciprocating Blades


  • Progressive tooth design for optimum balance of speed and cleanness of cut
  • Cuts both thick and thin material
  • Longer life for greater value
Description L/W/TH (inches) Tooth Set Material Blade Black Application Cat. No.
Metal Blade 6 x 3/4 x .035 Mill Set Bi-metal Straight Metal, non-ferrous metal, sheet metal, pipes and profiles 36-056
Wood Blade 8 x 3/4 x .050 Ground / Set HCS Taper All wood and composite materials 36-052
  • All blades below come in quantities of 5 with a TPI of Progressive

Progressive Metal Blade

Progressive Wood Blade

Progressive Universal Blade

  • Fastest saw blade in metal
  • For use in a broad range of materials such as sheet metal, pipes, profiles, even plastics
  • Long life span
  • For the "finest" cuts in all wood
  • Aggressive action with fine and clean splinter-free cuts
  • For all thin and thick wood materials
  • Plunge cutting
  • Most universal saw blade
  • Perfect for the changing demands on building sites
  • Non-ferrous metal, aluminum, plastic, nail embedded wood, metal
  • Plunge cutting
  • Long life span