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Non-Conductive/Non-Arcing S-Class® Fish Tape



  • The Non-conductive S-Class® Fiberglass Fish Tape is designed for use around energized sources. The flexible fiberglass core provides superior strength, greater pushing power and smooth handling through multiple bends. The durable non-conductive eyelet offers added protection against arc-flash. Exceptional column strength, rapid tape pay-out and rewind, and a durable Tuff-Grip™ Pro case make this S-Class® Fish Tape Best in Class for non-conductive applications.
  • Non-conductive fish tape and eyelet for added protection around live circuits
  • High-impact case and handle; withstands rugged job-site conditions
  • Superior tip design provides optimal strength and reduces wire stress during pulling
Part # Description
31-086 50ft. Fiberglass w/non-conductive tip
31-087 100ft. Fiberglass w/non-conductive tip
31-088 200ft. Fiberglass w/non-conductive tip
31-200 100ft. Fiberglass replacement tape w/non-conductive tip
31-201 200ft. Fiberglass replacement tape w/non-conductive tip
31-203 S-Class non-conductive tip replacement kit