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9-Piece Insulated Kit

Catalogue # 35-9108


Description Cat No.
9-Piece Insulated Kit 35-9108
Catalog #DescriptionQuantity
30-94309in. Insulated Side Cutter w/Crimp1
35-90298 in. Insulated Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Angled Head1
35-90388-1/2 in. Long-Nose Pliers1
45-9120T-5® Stripper Wire Stripper1
35-943010 in. Insulated Tongue & Groove Pliers1
35-9147Slotted 7/32in. x 5in. Screwdriver1
35-9150Slotted 1/4in. x 4in. Screwdriver1
35-9151Slotted 1/4in. x 6in. Screwdriver1
35-9193Phillips #1 x 3-3/16in. Screwdriver1
35-9194Phillips #2 x 4in. Screwdriver1
35-9350Heavy-Duty Soft Case1