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Catalogue # 35-805


  • Electrician's Tool Kit includes the following
  • Tool Pouch
  • 2 in. Belt
  • Four different Pliers
  • Four different Screwdrivers
  • Auto-Lock Tape Measure, 25 ft
  • Premium T-5 T-Stripper Wire Stripper
DescriptionCatalog #
12 Piece Set Hand Tool Kit35-805
Catalog #DescriptionQuantity
35-012Side-Cutting Pliers, NE Type High-Leverage with Fish Tape Puller, 9 Inch Length1
35-028Diagonal-Cutting Pliers, 8 Inch Length1
35-038Long-Nose Pliers, Heavy-Duty with Cutter, 8-1/2 Inch Length1
35-430Tongue and Groove Pliers, 10 Inch Length1
45-120T®-5 T®-Stripper Wire Stripper, Solid 10-18, Stranded 12-201
35-193Phillips Screwdriver, for #1 Phillips Head Screws, 3/16 Inch Diameter x 3 Inch Long Shank1
35-194Phillips Screwdriver, for #2 Phillips Head Screws, 1/4 Inch Diameter x 4 Inch Long Shank1
35-186Electrician's Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, 3/16 Inch Diameter x 6 Inch Long Shank1
35-164Heavy-Duty Slotted Keystone Tip Screwdriver, 1/4 Inch Diameter x 4 Inch Long Shank1
35-24225' Automatic Blade Lock Measuring Tape1
10-466Electrician's Pouch, 6 Pocket1
10-398Web Belt1